21/2015 Organised and cross-border nature of property crime

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14 April 2015 to 17 April 2015

This activity will enable participants to share knowledge on modus operandi and countermeasures related to major European and Eurasian Mobile Organised Crime Groups (MOCGs).

Participants will also be able to:

  • understand major European, Eurasian and other potential MOCGs structures
  • discuss the application of special law enforcement techniques at cross-border scale
  • identify different modus operandi and the social dimension of European organised property crime (i.e. organised burglaries, vehicle thefts, property crimes against elderly people, metal/copper thefts damaging infrastructure etc.)
  • detect organised crime elements in property crimes that might have the appearance of local issues
  • explain the capacities offered by Europol for information exchange and analytical support in order to tackle the cross-border dimension of organised property crime
Target Audience: 

Experienced law enforcement officers dealing with organised property crime at cross-border scale (relevant security clearance is required).


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