43/2019 False identity documents - crime facilitator

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02 April 2019 to 05 April 2019

The aim of the course is to enhance the detection of false documents by better understanding of the design and security features of identity documents and to combat forgery and falsification of documents related to serious crime.

Target Audience: 

Law enforcements practitioners tackling document fraud and experienced forensic experts and document examiners from border police, police forces and forensic laboratories (two third of participants) and prosecutors (one third of participants).

Learning Environment:

Main classroom has the capacity for 45 participants and it will be displayed in “U shape”. Six screens will be available for the participants to follow easily the presentations. Several whiteboards and flipcharts will also be available for the participants’ group works and contributions. Additionally, two smaller (adjacent) rooms will be prepared to host working groups of 8 participants each. All rooms are equipped and prepared to deliver training sessions and Wi-Fi is available. Security instructions and signs are visible as well as fire-extinguishers. Water fountain is available in the main classroom.

Budapest, CEPOL


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