50/2018 Airport security: airport soft target protection

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03 September 2018 to 07 September 2018

To improve cooperation of law enforcement with other actors and authorities in airports. To develop and implement different soft target protection measures, which technologies could be used and how the work could be organised at each individual airport level.

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Law enforcement officers involved in use, supervision and planning of physical security measures in airports. The aviation security measures at EU airports are governed by EU Regulation 300/2008 and its implementing acts and the responsibility for implementation of the EU and national aviation security measures often involves law enforcement. The soft target protection measures at EU airports are not well developed by the EU aviation security framework and the measures that could be used and implemented by the Police forces are therefore often within the competence and interpretation of the Police. In 2015, the EU Airport Police Network (AIRPOL) and the Commission (DG HOME) issued a guidance material called airport soft target protection manual. Since every airport layout is largely different, the measures could also be impacted and therefore a customised approach needs to be considered in each airport (or even terminal) case.

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