92/2017 CEPOL 2017 Research and Science Conference

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28 November 2017 to 30 November 2017
CEPOL in cooperation with the National University of Public Service in Budapest, Hungary


  • to facilitate and foster a stimulating intellectual environment, where senior police officers, educational experts and scientific scholars come together to inform and be informed about new scientific findings, ongoing research projects and challenges for police and policing lying ahead;
  • with a (non-exclusive) emphasis on European issues, projects and insights, sharing of new evidence-based knowledge is as well as part of the event as the invitation of new perspectives and encouragement of critical debate;
  • to serve as an established forum of bringing together ideas and perspectives of police practitioners and academic scholars alike.
Target Audience: 
  • representatives from police academies/colleges/universities;
  • academics from universities and research institutions;
  • senior police officers engaged in police practice, science, research, training and transfer of scientific knowledge into police practice;
  • scholars and practitioners from various disciplines contributing to police science from a European perspective.


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