95/2017 Cyber security and cyber defence

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24 April 2017 to 26 April 2017
CEPOL in cooperation with NUPS and ESDC


  • to enable participants to understand the extensive nature of the information society we are living in and to recognise its complexity and the different threats we are experiencing, as well as the basic notions and concepts related to cyber security and cyber defence;
  • to identify the EU institutions involved in cyber security, cyber defence and their respective roles;
  • to understand cyber threats, and get an overview on technological tools;
  • to be aware of the different trends in cyber threats;
  • to become familiar with international cyberspace issues and cyber diplomacy;
  • to identify the challenges of cyber security at a European level and the way ahead;
  • to evaluate the potential impacts of cyber security on public policies;
  • and to identify the challenges of industrial and public planning needed to face cyber threats.
Target Audience: 

Mid-ranking to senior officials dealing with strategic aspects in the field of cyber security and cyber defence, either working in key positions or who have a clear potential to achieve leadership positions, in particular in the fields of cyber security or cyber defence. Therefore, the audience will be a well balanced mix of diplomats, civilians working in the field of rule of law (including police) or civil administration, and military personnel. Academics and members of the business community may also be invited to participate in this course.

CEPOL Headquarters and National University of Public Service, Budapest (Hungary)


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