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Webinar AdHoc 09/2020: Email-Based Attacks and Emails Analysis

30 April 2020

The webinar provides information to understand all the types of email-based attacks and emails analysis process. The webinar participants will be able to identify the email threats and to analyze the suspicious emails by using Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) tools.

The following topics will be addressed during the webinar:


Webinar 01/2020: An Introduction to Database Forensics

17 March 2020

Upon completion of the activity the participants will have a basic understanding about (relational) database systems. Furthermore, participants will have acquired basic knowledge about how to search for and detect common database systems on digital evidence. Finally, they will get to know different ways to seize databases and to analyse them by running basic SQL queries against them.


34/2020: Cross border exchange of e-evidence

The aim of the course is to provide the knowledge and skills to allow prosecutors and law enforcement officials to fulfil their roles relating to cybercrime investigations, improving the use and exchange of electronic evidence in investigation and prosecution of cybercrime and relevancy and admissibility of such evidence.



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