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77/2021 Forensic investigation in CBRN contaminated environment

13 September 2021 to 17 September 2021

The aim of this activity is to enhance the use of deliverables of several recently finished EU projects, including EDEN (the EDEN market) and GIFT-CBRN, which include novel detection systems, procedures and software for risk analysis and lab management (knowledge base). To reinforce cooperation between intervention experts in CBRN incidents and forensic specialists in laboratories while focusingon integrating the work of all first responders and forensic specialists and taking into account the already existing CBRN intervention protocols.

Webinar AdHoc 23/2021: Economic impact of COVID-19 crisis in IPR-intensive industries in the European Union

02 July 2021

The aim of the webinar is to raise awareness on the impact of COVID-19 crisis in EU industries that use more intellectual property rights than the average.

By the end of the webinar the participants will be able to outline the key outcomes of European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) reports on intellectual property rights intensive industries and economic impact of COVID-19 crisis in intellectual property rights intensive industries in the European Union.


Webinar 48/2020: Strategic intelligence analysis

18 December 2020

Objectives of the webinar:

  • to familiarise the participants with social science research designs and methods that can be usefully applied in the field of strategic intelligence;
  • to identify various barriers and pathologies that hinder the development of strategic intelligence as a professional practice;
  • to improve the quality, processes and outcomes of strategic intelligence reporting;
  • to understand the need for a mutually-beneficial dialogue and cooperation between academia and strategic intelligence.




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