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Webinar AdHoc 4/2020: European Intellectual Property Crime - Case Study - The Dreambox

18 February 2020

The Dreambox case deals with investigations on a complex criminal scheme aimed at providing commercial premises, mainly pubs and sport clubs, with illegal pay tv subscription programmes that were fraudulently allowing owners to show sport content to customers in their premises at the detriment of legitimate stakeholders.


Webinar Ad Hoc 3/2020: European Intellectual Property Crime - Case Study: The Vigorali

13 February 2020

The Vigorali case involved the trafficking and distribution of unregulated pharmaceuticals amounting to serious commercial fraud; deception of the public, illegal use of the internet and online banking, leading to money laundering, all facilitated by transnational organised criminal networks. The unregulated pharmaceuticals distribution network was based on internet commerce with a ring of approximately 50 web-sites allowing payment by credit card.


Webinar AdHoc 02/2020 - European Intellectual Property Crime - Case Study: The Czech alcohol case

31 January 2020

At an unspecified time in August-September 2012, two individuals — Defendant 1 RF and Defendant 2 TK (of Slovak and Czech nationality respectively) — made a poisonous mixture of methanol and ethanol and sold it to Defendant 3 JV, whom they knew to be a distributor of alcoholic beverages. Defendant 3 JV (a Czech national) then proceeded to distribute the harmful alcohol to others until it ultimately reached consumers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.




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