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72/2020: Forensic investigation in CBRN contaminated environment

26 October 2020 to 30 October 2020

This training activity aims to:

  • enhance use of deliverables of several recently finished EU projects, including EDEN (the EDEN market) and GIFT-CBRN, which include novel detection systems, procedures and software for risk analysis and lab management (knowledge base);
  • reinforce the cooperation between intervention experts in CBRN incidents and forensic specialists in laboratories;
  • focus on integrating the work of all first responders and forensic specialists, while taking into account the already existing CBRN intervention protocols.

47/2020 Introduction to Intelligence-Led Policing

08 September 2020

The objectives of this webinar are to be able to

  • Describe the concept of intelligence-led policing (ILP) and its key elements;
  • Appreciate benefits of ILP and how ILP can complement traditional reactive policing;
  • Explain the relationship between ILP and proactive police work;
  • Recognize key preconditions for ILP to fulfill its potential.



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