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72/2021 Intellectual Property Rights – Counterfeiting and Piracy

15 November 2021 to 19 November 2021

The aim of this activity is to enhance the fight against counterfeiting and piracy by enhancing law enforcement’s capacity to recognise European criminal patterns on counterfeiting, share good practices on inter-agency and public-private cooperation, and to identify the best investigative and administrative counter-measures, with a focus on counterfeiting in general and on the way to combat the illicit traffic of counterfeit goods on the internet and to proceed with financial investigative/asset recovery measures following successfulinvestigation of cases counterfeiting.

75/2021 Witness protection

08 November 2021 to 12 November 2021

The aim of this activity is to improve witness protection throughout the EU by disseminating the European witness protection standards in particular in international cooperation and international relocation.

76/2021 European Explosive Ordnance Disposal Network

26 October 2021 to 30 October 2021

The aim of this seminar is to enhance the fight against CBRN and explosives by facilitating the sharing of information and the building of trust and by contributing to the identification of best practices and up-to-date knowledge on these domains; by creating awareness amongst senior law enforcement officials in the areaof counter-terrorism in order to generate and improve possible operations to support the fully implementation of the Regulation EU 98/2013 on the marketing and use of explosives precursors.



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