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Webinar 35/2021: SIS recast - Alerts on discreet inquiry, specific checks (Article 36)

02 July 2021

The aim of this webinar is to present the changes in the legislation and the use of alerts on discreet inquiry, specific checks (Article 36). By the end of this webinar, the audience will be able to:

  • Describe the relevant provisions in the new SIS Regulations and applicable rules in the Implementing Acts
  • Explain the use of alerts on discreet inquiry, specific checks
  • Explain the use of relevant SIRENE forms

Webinar 19/2021: Alcohol fraud

01 July 2021

Alcohol smuggling is carried out in various ways in the European Union. Straight smuggling under false papers or hidden in cover loads still occurs however Organised Crime Groups that infiltrate the bonded warehouse system use more sophisticated and less detectable methods. The relevant EU trade system driven by the use of Excise Movement Control System (EMCS) is designed to facilitate trade and not to identify the signs of illicit trade.


Webinar AdHoc 05/2021: Hate crime – anti-muslim hatred

28 June 2021

The aim of the webinar is to improve the understanding of and the response by law enforcement officers dealing with victims of hate crimes, in particular of those motivated by anti-muslim hatred.

At the end of the webinar the participant will be able to:

  • Explain the meaning of anti-muslim hatred
  • Recognise hate crime driven by anti-muslim hatred
  • Describe what best practice may look like for law enforcement officers when dealing with anti-muslim hatred
  • Activate respective protection measures including referral of victims



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