Webinar 3084/2022: EU Strategic Training Needs Assessment 2022-2025

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3084/2022: EU Strategic Training Needs Assessment 2022-2025
27 April 2022
14:00 - 15:30 CEST

CEPOL recently published the European Union Strategic Training needs Assessment (EU-STNA) that defines strategic level training priorities for law enforcement officials across Europe, for the current EMPACT cycle 2022-2025. The EU-STNA 2022-2025 process has revealed eight core capability gaps constituting the main areas in which law enforcement officials need to be trained.

Furthermore, it has identified 230 training needs, prioritised by Member States clustered in 17 thematic areas as well as 9 other specific training needs included under a separate category. It has to be noted that the core capability gaps are relevant for all thematic areas of training. In addition, for the first time Member States indicated that at present 110 368 law enforcement officials across the EU would need EU-level training in the areas presented in this report.

The webinar will present the outcomes of the EU-STNA and the way of its implementation by external stakeholders of CEPOL.

Target Audience: 

All external stakeholders of CEPOL, including CEPOL National Units, Management Board members, law enforcement officials and law enforcement training providers across Europe such as the Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs (DG Home), Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) agencies and other professional organisations and networks, law enforcement training institutions from EU Member States


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