Webinar 26/2021: Illegal management of plastic waste

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Webinar 26/2021: Illegal management of plastic waste
12 November 2021
10:00 - 11:30 CET

The overall objective of this webinar is to raise attention on the crime patterns of illegal treatment of plastic waste through case examples from the Netherlands, Romania and the Czech Republic.

  • What are the red flags for law enforcement in plastic waste mismanagement?
  • What are typical crime patterns in Europe?
  • How can you differentiate between hazardous plastic waste, mixed waste, recyclable plastic waste?
  • What are the implications of the new rules of the Basel convention in cross-border shipments?
  • How did the Chinese restrictions on transnational plastic waste shipments impact Europe (re-routing, increase of misdeclaration, waste fires)?
  • What are the crucial evidences in waste cases?
  • What are the good examples of interagency cooperation between police, customs, judiciary, and environmental inspectorate authorities?

These questions will be in the focus of the webinar.











Target Audience: 

Law enforcement officers specialised on environmental crime or economic crime. Officials working for environmental inspectorates and similar key regulatory bodies are also welcome.


Registration for this webinar is now open for law enforcement officials on CEPOL's eLearning platform LEEd. REGISTER HERE. (If you need help, please follow the steps on how to register here.)




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