Webinar 27/2020: Anti-Money Laundering Operational Network (AMON)

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Webinar 27/2020: Anti-Money Laundering Operational Network (AMON)
06 February 2020
10:00 - 12:00 CET

The overall objective of this webinar is to enhance knowledge on the added value of Anti-Money Laundering Operational Network (AMON) that connects law enforcement anti-money laundering units and facilitates cross-border financial investigations.

AMON is global and increasing network of anti-money laundering investigators that aims to support the related international cooperation of financial investigators. The webinar will share knowledge on the services of the AMON Permanent Secretariat being hosted by Europol and will demonstrate how the network can effectively facilitate the investigation of international money laundering cases. Knowledge will be shared through the presentation of past cases by a Europol and a French anti-money laundering practitioner showing both the EU institutional and the national perspective of using AMON services. Besides the concrete case studies the methods of intelligence exchange, the contact channels, the intelligence support Europol can provide, will also be debated alongside the working practice and the capacity of AMON.

Target Audience: 

Law enforcement officers specialised in money laundering and financial investigations, serious organised crime investigators, international cooperation and asset recovery specialists. Police, customs, judiciary and Financial Investigation Unit officers are all welcome.

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