Webinar 3081/2022: Protection of journalists

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Webinar 3081/2022: Protection of journalists
22 April 2022
10:00 - 11:30 CEST

The freedom of speech and the freedom of media are fundamental pillars of functioning democratic societies. Investigative journalists that uncover the illegal practices of corrupt powerful actors corrupt politicians, leaders of crime groups make an important service to the society. Due to the sensitivity and nature of their work media workers may be the target of threats or assaults by political/religious extremists, criminals, corrupt businessman or officials or mentally disordered lone actors.

Intimidation may take various formats such as physical assaults, damages to property, verbal threats, social media threats, frightening messages but experience shows that in extreme and serious cases related to organised crime it can lead to murder. Assaults may target individuals or a group of people / institutions such as a newspaper or TV channel.

Police must protect journalists from assaults and investigate violence and threats against them. Effective risk assessment, intelligence collection and analysis are essential factors in order to differentiate petty bullying from serious life threatening intimidations and enable police to adjust its measures.

This webinar will discuss how law enforcement can act against the intimidation of journalists and provide adequate protection to them concerning the threats and attacks they receive regarding their work. The contributing experts from Italy and Portugal will describe their police practice regarding the analysis of threats and the protection measures applied in practice through recent examples.

Target Audience: 

Law enforcement officers dealing with the assessment and investigation of intimidation cases of media workers and police protection specialists.


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