Webinar Ad Hoc "CEPOL and e-Net awareness for Greek-speaking users" (in Greek)

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11 March 2015
Greece in cooperation with CEPOL

The general aim of this webinar will be to raise awareness of CEPOL and the training opportunities/tools that it offers to law enforcement personnel, as well as to promote a European law enforcement training culture (for Greek native speakers).

In this webinar, the experts will:

  • Underline CEPOL’s role in the field of law enforcement cooperation through learning
  • Illustrate CEPOL’s training portfolio and its components
  • Justify the relevance of training provided by CEPOL in everyday police work
  • Expand on the added value of CEPOL’s e-learning capacities in a police environment
  • Familiarise the Greek police personnel with the many tools and functions that CEPOL has to offer them in their everyday professional lives
  • Introduce CEPOL to Greek law enforcement personnel outside the police structures (Coast Guard, Border Guards, Customs, etc), in anticipation of the extended mandate that will encompass a wider target group.
Target Audience: 

The webinar is addressed to law enforcement personnel in Greece and Cyprus, as well as relevant stakeholders.

Note that the webinar will be conducted entirely in Greek language.

Online - 10:00-11:30 AM CET


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