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Human Rights and Police Ethics course focuses on Roma relations

04 November 2010

‘Human Rights and Police Ethics’ was the subject of a course held in Solna, Sweden on 29-30 September 2010. The aim of the course was to achieve an understanding of the role of the police as protectors of human rights and the risks of violation of human rights by the police. The teaching method adopted was mainly based on case studies where ethical and human rights issues were identified and elaborated, alternated with a more theoretical approach.

Who Cooperates Wins

14 October 2010

Terrorism is a hazard to all States and to all people. It poses a serious threat to our security, to our democratic values and to the rights and freedoms of our citizens, especially through the indiscriminate targeting of innocent people. Terrorism is unlawful and unjustifiable under any circumstances.

Listening is not always easy

04 October 2010

Austria recently hosted the third module of the 2010 TOPSPOC VIII; the first two were hosted by France and Estonia. Twenty-five participants from 20 Member States, Iceland, Norway, Europol and Interpol came together in order to continue their work under the main topic “Future of policing in Europe, an area of freedom, security and justice serving the citizen”. The module took place from 20 - 24 September 2010 in the Police Training Centre, Vienna, Austria.



23 September 2019

The Kynopol network held a closing meeting of the Cooperation Among Dog Handlers regarding the training of Service Dogs project (No. BBA-5.2.1/3-2017-00002) on 27-28th of August 2019 in Pilisszentkereszt, Hungary.

The project...

19 September 2019

CEPOL Course 18/2019 on Drug Trafficking Via Mail System takes place in Tallinn, Estonia from 17 to 19 September 2019.

The need for such a training raises...



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