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Undercover Operations Course

26 July 2010

Cross-border crime is a fast growing global problem. The European Union is no stranger to this ever expanding phenomenon. More and more of the crimes committed today are trans-national and in order to combat this trend there is a need for better trained and prepared undercover operations and operators.

From 15 – 18 June 2010, the United Kingdom’s National Police Improvement Agency (NPIA) International Academy hosted CEPOL course “Undercover Operations”.  Co-organised with the Italian CEPOL team, the course attracted a total of 32 participants and experts from 18 Member States.

CEPOL Spanish Language Development Seminar

23 July 2010

“Language Development” (Spanish Language) was the subject of the CEPOL seminar held at the Spanish Police Training Division in Madrid, Spain, on 28 June - 16 July 2010.

The aim of the seminar was to improve participants’ language skills in Spanish, provide an opportunity to learn about the host country’s police systems as well as to increase participants’ knowledge of police cooperation with a European context.

The seminar was organised with the support of France, Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Getting up-to-speed on illegal motor racing

22 July 2010

Illegal motor racing is an emerging phenomenon in Europe with many criminal repercussions: road accidents, illegal gambling, theft of vehicles, “carjacking”, insurance fraud, public disorder, alcohol and drug abuse to name a few. Due to its public security nature, the problem needs to be tackled by highly trained and specialised police personnel.



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