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Prevention of Severe and Targeted Violence course held in Finland

03 July 2012

Crisis Management and Emergency Planning: School Shootings and AMOK Incidents” is the title of a CEPOL course held at the Police College of Finland in Tampere on 4-8 June 2012. Twenty-nine participants from 21 different Member States as well as Norway took part in the event. The course’s expert trainers came from Finland, the United Kingdom and Germany.

Human Rights in the spotlight

03 July 2012

This year, the Police School in Katowice, has once again had the opportunity of organizing an international course under the auspices of CEPOL entitled: Human Rights and Police Ethics - Step 1. The course was held on 15-18 of May in Krakow, Poland. The overall aim of the course was to raise awareness about the importance of ethical behaviour in day to day police work and to enhance diversity integration matters within Police management.

Witness protection - New Challenges in a Borderless World

21 June 2012

Witness protection faces new challenges in the age of internet, in a world of free movement, flowing data and into which biometrics are being introduced all of which considerably complicates the possibility of hiding and protecting endangered persons.

Enhancing of bilateral and multilateral cooperation in a witness protection, where lives of protected persons depends on measures taken by all involved services, requires knowledge of partner´s abilities, skills and applied measures.



08 July 2019

CEPOL Course 66/2019 “Strategic Intelligence Analysis” was held from the 24th to the 27th of June 2019, in Athens, Greece. It was organised...

05 July 2019

The International Training Centre in Budapest hosted the CEPOL 46/2019 „Public Order-crowd management ” course between 23th and 27th June. ...

24 June 2019

CEPOL’s residential activity 47/2019 Violent attacks against public – amok shootings took place in Zegrze, Poland, from 11 to 14 June 2019...



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