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25 July 2019

The Economic and Financial Police School of the Italian Guardia di Finanza organised the CEPOL Course 38/2019 on "Asset Recovery and Confiscation". The course was held in Lido di Ostia (Rome) between 9 - 12 July 2019.

The training was divided into two activity phases: the independent learning phase (ILP) for which about 9 hours were planned and the contact learning phase (CLP), which lasted 18 hours.

Twenty-six participants from 23 EU Member States attended the course. The team of instructors included the experts from Europol, Eurojust and police forces from a number of the EU Member States as well as experts representing the private sector.

The strategy during the Contact Learning Phase (CLP) was to combine the existing knowledge and experience of the participants (Recognition Prior Learning - RPL) in the learning process by discussing and exchanging "good practices". Development of problem-solving strategies for potential challenges in the field of international cooperation, to conduct transnational investigations and related intelligence activity.

The recovery and confiscation of assets deriving from illegal activities is a crucial stage for law enforcement activities against criminal organisations. Possibility of having these assets circulating in the international markets results in vast amounts of recycled "dirty" money and requires the utmost attention from the National Authorities and the Law Enforcement Agencies of the EU Member States. The legal basis for tackling this type of economic crime derives from the EU Directive 2014/42/EU on the freezing and confiscation of instrumentalities. The cooperation between national authorities in this matter includes the exchange of information and know-how. They originate from investigations carried out either with traditional methods or through tracking of the virtual currency transactions and the darknet.


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