CEPOL Spanish Presidency seminar tackles global threats to interior security

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20 April 2010

The Spanish Presidency seminar ‘Global Threats to Interior Security: a Common Challenge’, took place on 25-26 March 2010. Attracting 143 participants – all experts and professionals in the scope of security – the event took place at the European Union Institutions Building, located in Madrid.

The seminar was opened by José A. Rodríguez, Director of the Interior Security Studies Cabinet, Arturo Avelló, General Director of International Relations of Ministry of Interior and Ferenc Bánfi, Director of CEPOL.

The first panel of the seminar was: “The interior security in the European Union in the XXI century: a common challenge”, and was Chaired by Andrés Ortega, Director of Analysis Department of the Spanish President’s Cabinet.

The second panel: “An approach to global threats: different perspectives from key persons in the area of common security”, was moderated by Oscar Jaime, from the Cabinet of Interior Security Studies Cabinet. Rob Wainwright, Director of Europol, Gilles de Kerchove, EU Anti-terrorist Coordinator, Joaquín Collado, Director of the Spanish National Counter Terrorism Coordination Centre, María Marcos, Director of Spanish Intelligence Centre against Organised Crime and Klaus Roesler, Director of Operations of Frontex all participated.

The third panel: “Identification and perception of threats from other regional areas” was moderated by Francisco Del Barrio, Chair of the CEPOL Governing Board. Pierre Reuland, Special Representative of Interpol to EU, Norman Sattar, Senior Research Officer of Pakistan National Defence University, Liess Boukra, Director of the African Centre for Studies and Research on Terrorism, and Ella Maltseva, Russian Federation, Security Service Chief of Division participated.

Jörg Monar, Sussex University Professor, Charles Bartoldus from the US Homeland Security Department, Peter Storr, Director of International Relation, UK Ministry of Interior, Jürgen Mertz, Head of Division of Counter Terrorism from the German Ministry of Interior, and Dimitri Zoulas, French Judicial Police Directorate all participated in the fourth panel: “Perceptions and national responses to the Interior Security Global Threats”.

The seminar was officially closed by the Spanish State Secretariat for Security, Antonio Camacho.

The main conclusions from the seminar included:

  • The most efficient way to work for a comprehensive interior security in the EU needs the strengthening of the common capacities within the EU Member States, in this context a new strategy for EU interior security will help to identify and tackle the main risks threatening common space (terrorism, organised crime, drugs, child pornography, human trafficking, financial crime, etc);
  • The use and development of new technologies applied to intelligence, the upgrading of the bilateral and multilateral coordination, and the modernisation of common security policies, will contribute to building a comprehensive security structure to face any kind of organised crime and guarantee the security and freedom of EU citizens;
  • Good training is the best guarantee for success against criminals and in this sense, the establishment of an Erasmus-style programme for police will work towards a common police culture in Europe, thus facilitating the joint cooperation with the only aim to combat the threats the EU is facing.

At an informal meeting during the Presidency Seminar, Dr Ferenc Bánfi asked the Minister of Interior of the Spanish Government, Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, for his support for CEPOL as the Chair of the Interior Minister EU Council.

Present at the meeting were: Gilles de Kerchove. Anti-terrorist Coordinator of the European Union, Klaus Roesler, Frontex Director of Operations, Rob Wainwright, Europol Director, Jose A. Rodríguez, Director of the Studies Cabinet for Interior Security Spain (GESI) and Eduardo Borobio, CEPOL National Contact Point for Spain.


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