Crime Control and Traffic Safety - an International Comparison

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07 May 2012

Crime Control and Traffic Safety was the subject of a seminar held in Münster, Germany on 16–19 April 2012. The aim of the seminar was to improve the participants’ knowledge of Crime Control and Traffic Safety issues and European Best Practice examples, with a specific focus on Cross Border Enforcement, Organized Motorcycle Gangs (OMCG), EU Project DRUID, Commercial Transport and Prevention Campaigns. Nineteen participants from 15 EU countries as well as lecturers from Hungary, Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and Belgium took part in the seminar.

The first day of the seminar saw the welcoming of the participants by the president of the German Police University Mr. Klaus Neidhardt and an introduction into the seminar’s program by Chief Superintendent Martin Mönnighoff and Chief Superintendent Dr. Thomas Bastian. Following presentations by the participants illustrating good practice in the field of Road Safety and Crime Control in their respective countries, Prof. Dr. Horst Schulze, Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt), gave an insight into the results of the EU Project DRUID (Driving under the Influence of Drugs and Alcohol). The last of the day’s activities saw Dr Lázló Elek, Hungarian Police, describe Cross Border Cooperation between Hungary and Romania which is an integral part of Europe’s Cross Border Fight against Crime.

Day two put an emphasis on the implications of safety of employees and commercial transport. The PRAISE Project (Preventing Road Accidents and Injuries for the Safety of Employees) was presented by Mrs Ellen Townsend, ETSC (European Transport Safety Council). Road Policing relating to commercial transport in Europe was presented by Mr. Wulf Hoffmann, former Police Chief Superintendent of Saxonia-Anhalt. The highlight of the afternoon’s programme was a field Study Visit to a multi-agency Cross Border Traffic Check on the Dutch German Border. This successful cooperation sees police forces from the Netherlands (Koninklijke Marechaussee, Border Guard and Specialized Forces of the Ministry of the Interior responsible for analysis of dangerous goods and waste transports) and from Germany (Police of Lower-Saxony, Federal Police, Customs and BAG) working together. This event was captured by German television and can be viewed on the following website: Emsvechte-TV. Participants had the possibility to observe and discuss the equipment and expertise used by their Dutch and German colleagues.

On day three of the seminar participants were given presentations about a data recovery device - Crash Cube, presented by Rotterdam Police officers Hans Bot and Mo Mouch on behalf of TISPOL, as well as research results from the implications of Fatigue on driving performance presented by Dr David Hallvig of the Swedish VTI. The afternoon session comprised of lectures by Dr Lia Cuñado, University of Valencia, which gave an insight into children’s perception of Road Safety and their behavior as cyclists and a presentation of counterstrategies for illegal activities of OMCG by Mr. Martin Kuntze of the Ministry of the Interior of Rhineland Palatinate.

The seminar closed on day four with a presentation delivered by Mr. Christian Egeler, Swiss Rapp Trans AG, giving an insight into Speed Regulation device Section Control. Martin Mönnighoff, Head of the Traffic Management Department at the German Police University in Münster, encouraged participants to make use of their CEPOL connections as an interdisciplinary platform for networking and the exchange of Good Practice examples. He stressed the importance and function of police networking and the development of common policing standards, in the process of fighting Crime and reducing Traffic Casualties throughout Europe.

The seminar was organised by the German Police University’s Traffic Management Department in conjunction with the Hungarian Police.


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