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09 July 2019

CEPOL Presidency activity 80/2019 “Novel Actionable Information – Learn to find, learn to use digital data, Train the Trainer seminar on e-evidence” was organised by the Romanian Ministry of Home Affairs, Directorate General of Human Resources Management, between 12-14 June 2019.

Held at Rin Central Hotel in Bucharest, the course attracted 22 participants from 11 Member States (Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Spain) and Turkey, with experts from Europol, CoE, FBI, “Politehnica“ University of Bucharest, Romanian Military Technical Academy, Police Academy “Alexandru Ioan Cuza“, Public Ministry and Inspectorate General of Romanian Police.

At the official opening of the activity, Mr Victor Wili Apreutesei, the Deputy Inspector General of Romanian Police - actively involved in recently concluded Romanian Presidency of the Council, welcomed the representatives of the Members States and Turkey. He highlighted the importance of topic not only for the national necessity but also for the law enforcement authorities from the international level that are engaged in efficiently collecting the data according to the legal provisions.

Taking into consideration that the activity was planned to offer a fresh and practical approach offering tips on “how to do more“ than “why“, the participants could liaise directly with experts having a background in the field and also exchange their experience and knowledge.

During the course, participants learnt about one of the most successful products of ECTEG (in cooperation with the Portuguese Judicial Police), namely e-First. The aim was to allow first-line police officers to identify and seize potential electronic evidence, including “live data” forensics, get awareness on cybercrime, internet, encryption, the darkweb and crypto-currencies and assist victims of crimes facilitated by the use of new technologies when taking the complaint and starting a criminal case.

SIRIUS project was also introduced to the participants by the representative of Europol. It aims to cater to the investigators’ needs in an online environment and is dedicated only to law enforcement authorities offering tips on how to increase the investigation efficiency (training materials, forums, etc.).

At the end of the seminar, the participants expressed their willingness to take part in similar training programmes, taking into consideration the importance of digital data in activities of law enforcement authorities. In the evolution towards digitalisation, when technology plays the most crucial role, when organised crime groups are always a step ahead of the law enforcement system, it is mandatory for the personnel of the law enforcement authorities to contribute by all means (practical vs. theoretical – a harmonised clear legal framework) to a more efficient and practical cooperation.

Residential Course  80/2019 Novel Actionable Information - Learn to find, learn to use digital data


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