Forensic investigation in CBRN contaminated environment course took place in Slovakia

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31 October 2019

CEPOL course 71/2019 on “Forensic investigation in CBRN contaminated environment” was held in the Military Training Center in Lešť, Zvolen, Slovakia from 6th to 11th of October 2019.

The aim of the course was:

  • To present the specifics of police activities (first participants, investigators) at the crime scene with or without CBRN materials.
  • To emphasise the need for close and effective cooperation of all reactive forces / personnel (first respondents, intelligence officers, investigators).
  • To exchange of experience, best practice and current trends in CBRN crime investigation and CBRN criminal intelligence activities.
  • To emphasise the need to prioritize CBRN investigations.
  • To emphasise the need for continuous evaluation of information (intelligence gathering, laboratory analysis) as a prerequisite for identifying subsequent tasks.
  • To acquire or improve the skills of the personnel responsible for the investigation of the crime scene with or without CBRN materials (prioritization, safety rules, sampling and seizure, decontamination).
  • Strengthen regional cooperation between the countries of Central and Eastern Europe in combating CBRN-E threats.

The course was organised by the Academy of the Police Force in Bratislava in conjunction with the Criminal Police Bureau of the Presidium of Police Force of the Slovak Republic together with the supporting countries Czech Republic, Ukraine and EUROPOL as well.

The course was attended by 25 participants from 20 EU member states.

After the opening speech by the Rector of the Academy of the Police Force in Bratislava Mrs. Lucia Kurilovská and Deputy Director of the Criminal Police Bureau of the Presidium of Police Force of the Slovak Republic Mr. Stanislav Španko the first day's show was “stolen” by the view of – Criminal Police – Environmental department on tackling CBRN with the theory and presentations in the CBRN area.

The second day was dedicated to presentations of experts of the Czech Republic and EUROPOL - best practices and current trends in intelligence activities related to CBRN-E criminal cases, following with Ukraine and Czech criminal cases.

There were also information about the following topics:

  • Recognising the signs creating suspicion of CBRN-E materials presence at the crime scene and basic rules during the working procedures of investigation team during a CBRN-E incident.
  • Risks of contamination and cross-contamination during the seizure of items in CBRN-E crime scene was presented as well.

Course 71/2019

The third day started off and was full of scenarios. All the participants the whole day did variations of scenarios, that experts from the Criminal Police Bureau prepared for them. It was about typical signs of the CBRN-E threats presence at the crime scene.

The fourth day started with more scenarios and continued with the Evaluation of Scenarios of the third day and analysing mistakes that were identified in those practices. Real cases of CBRN Threat in Europe were persented by EUROPOL's expert. On the end of this day, participants with experts discussed the acquired knowledge.

The course emphasised the importance of education and trying the scenarios as a factor which can contribute to positive outcomes for international law enforcement cooperation.

With the aid of the Learning Management System (LMS) within CEPOL’s e-Net, the online evaluation of the course completed by the participants highlighted the needs of meetings at international level to discuss and tackle “CBRN” phenomenon.

Participants highlighted that:

´The practical exercises and experiences were first class.´

´There was a good mix of forensic, investigator and intelligence participants to give a very broad view of the topic.´

Course 71/2019


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