Greece and Italy at the front line of training on CEPOL’s e-learning tools

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29 November 2013

E-learning is a key component of CEPOL’s multilayered approach to learning, bringing CEPOL’s training activities to wider audiences.

Two courses were recently carried out in Italy and Greece with the aim of training police educators and course developers on the use of CEPOL’s e-learning resources. Among the objectives of those activities were to identify suitable topics and target audiences, and also to coach content experts on how to setup, develop, implement and publish a project through CEPOL’s Learning Management System (LMS).

CEPOL course 65/2013, “Management and Development of CEPOL Online Learning Modules”, took place in Veria (Greece) from 1-4 October. The activity was led by experts from CEPOL, Germany, Estonia, the Netherlands and Greece, who shared their best practices on the application and promotion of online learning modules, as well as on e-learning design principles. Participants also saw e-learning compared against traditional learning, and attended practical sessions focused on the editing features of the LMS authoring tool.

Separately, a training course for webinar organizers was run in Rome by the Italian Interagency Law Enforcement College of Advanced Studies. From 18-20 November, Italian police officers analysed and reviewed different webinar technologies available in the field of training. Moreover, there was time for discussions on their relevant positive and negative aspects of different systems.

Both activities had very positive feedback. “This training not only showed us how to develop and implement an e-learning module for CEPOL, but also motivated the participants to independently create new online modules for the European police cooperation. I personally will be able to improve my every day work with the newly gathered experience”, said one of the participants at the end of the CEPOL course led in Greece, whereas in Italy practical exercises carried out during the webinars training course aroused participants’ enthusiasm.


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