Organised crime and Corruption in CSDP Missions

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23 April 2018
Aurelija Pūraitė

CEPOL training course 58/2018 “Tackling OC and corruption in the host country” was held in Lithuania, Kaunas, hotel “Europa Royale Kaunas” on 17-18 April, 2018, due to raise awareness and enhance competences on preventing and combating organised crime and corruption in the host country of an EU CSDP civilian missions. It was organised by the Mykolas Romeris university, Faculty of Public Security, with the support of CKC on CSDP Missions.

The course was attended by 24 participants (1 nominate participant from Hungary did not come because of health issues). The participants were from 18 Member States. The keynote speakers were:

Mário Antonio Leal Gouveia (Portugal), Head of International Training Cooperation Department, CEPOL coordinator of the Republican Nacional Guard of Portugal, who presented the topic on CSDP Missions.
Robertas Šimulevičius (Lithuania), the Head of Criminal intelligence training canter of Criminal Police Bureau of Lithuania, who moderated workshops and presented topics „Laws related to organised crime and corruption in the host country, „Special methods, techniques and tools utilised in combating organised crime and corruption“ (PART I, PART II);

Šarūnas Vaikasas from Lithuania, who participated in the training course, said: „I am working in the Special Investigation Service, the main objective of our agency is to fight against corruption, so I found this training very useful for me, it was a wonderful opportunity to hear about fight with corruption in the civilian missions of EU. I liked the presentations very much, and I find that workshops were very interesting and made me think out of the box“. Jose Rosa from Portugal, who also was a participant in the training activity, from Portugal: „It was the first training activity of CEPOL in which I participated, and I think it was perfectly organized, I have settled a good contacts with officers from other states, and for me almost all topics were of the great interest“. The participants were greeted by Dean of the Faculty of Public security, who said that “I am proud that Faculty of Public Security could host this training activity of such an important issue as fight against corruption and organised crime in the host country”.

The Organiser of the training activity is a public entity, CEPOL Framework Partner in Knowledge Center on CDSP Missions Mykolas Romeris university, Faculty of Public Security. The mission of the Public Security Faculty is the academic dedication and a commitment, based on profound ideas of openness to Lithuania and the world, to educate an individual who is open to cultural values, is highly professional state border guards and law enforcement officers as well as officers for other institutions.


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