Residential course in Estonia on drug trafficking via mail system

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19 September 2019
Estonian Academy of Security Sciences

CEPOL Course 18/2019 on Drug Trafficking Via Mail System takes place in Tallinn, Estonia from 17 to 19 September 2019.

The need for such a training raises from the increase of drug trafficking via mail system and need for closer international cooperation. It is organised by the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences in cooperation with Estonian Tax and Customs Board. There are 28 participants from 21 Member States and Albania.

Using risk profiles of postal consignments and other modern methods to improve criminal proceedings and international cooperation are covered by Belgium Federal Judicial Police, UK National Crime Agency and Border Force, Austrian Criminal Intelligence Service, German Customs, Dutch Customs National Tactical Center

Gathering intelligence and digital evidence from Darknet markets and Bitcoin confiscations is discussed by Finnish Customs representative. USA representative gives an overview of current situation and best practices of USA Postal Inspection Service. Europol representative talks about use of Dark Web and crypto currencies in facilitating drug trafficking via mail system and how Europol use analytical tools and analytical capabilities in assisting MSs.

CEPOL Course 18/2019

Comment by the Activity Manager:

This training gives a good possibility to compare legal regulations and practices of different countries. In addition to gathering knowledge and learning from others experiences the specialist have an opportunity to make contacts that can contribute to further international cooperation which is of key importance in fighting drug trafficking.

The organisers of this course are Estonian Academy of Security Sciences (EASS) and Estonian Tax and Customs Board. EASS is Partner Academy of CEPOL and the only educational institution in Estonia which trains specialists in internal security and law enforcement: police, border guard, tax and customs, prisons and rescue service.

Drug trafficking via mail system is one of the priorities of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board for 2019. Organising this course is one of the activities to enhance international cooperation in this field.

Supporting countries and agency are Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, UK, USA and Europol.


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