Learning to Teach: Course on “Train the Trainers for EU CSDP Missions” took place in Germany

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16 September 2019
German Police University

Between 1-6 September 2019 the German Police University organised and hosted the CEPOL Residential Activity 94/2019 - Train the Trainers for EU CSDP Missions. This activity aimed to teach how to work out appropriate training environments using adult learning methods and implement mission-learning situations. In a broader sense, the course sought to improve the capacity of EU Member States to prepare high-ranking police officers for their assignments in civilian crisis management missions and achieve a higher quality of the obligatory pre-deployment training for personnel to be seconded to missions as well. The German Police University delivered this seminar together with the State Bureau for Education, Training, and Personnel of the North Rhine-Westphalia Police and within the framework of the CEPOL Knowledge Centre on CSDP Missions.

24 participants from 18 EU Member States attended the Course. Participants came from various professional backgrounds, ranging from middle- and higher-ranking police and gendarmerie officers to administrative staff from national ministries of interior, training academies, and regional-based law enforcement institutions. The training curriculum focused on providing participants with an understanding on how adults learn and on coaching strategies. Applying the six-step BOPPPS model (Bridge, Outcomes, Pre-Assessment, Participatory Learning, Post-Assessment, and Summary), participants developed their own teaching units. This included writing a lesson plan, delivering a 45-minutes training lesson, and providing proper feedback to their peer trainees. In total, the course comprised 40 training hours, distributed in a pre-course phase at participants’ home countries focused on the contents of what to train/to teach plus an on-site training focused on how to train/to teach, by means of practical and participatory adult learning strategies and methodological and didactical-oriented exercises. The course was prepared and delivered by six trainers from Germany, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, and the European Security and Defence College (ESDC), whose experience of many years in training police personnel ensured optimal conditions for exchange of experiences and knowledge.

In words of Ian Walsh, participant from An Garda Síochána (Irish National Police):

This was a very enjoyable and beneficial course for all of the participants. It was very professionally organised and the instructors made it easy for us all to learn. It was a challenging course but everyone learned a lot, had fun and made some great friendships along the way. I would highly recommend to anyone with an interest in pre-deployment training for overseas missions to take this course.

The German Police University, organiser of the activity, is Germany's highest learning institution with university status for senior police officers, tasked with developing teaching, advanced training, and research in police-related disciplines supported by a staff of more than 200 law enforcement officials, academics, and administrative personnel.

Course 94/2019 Train the trainers for EU CSDP Missions  (Germany)


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