12th CEPOL Governing Board Meeting Takes Place in Slovenia

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05 June 2008

The second CEPOL Governing Board meeting under the Slovenian Presidency, Chaired by Nevenka Tomovi?, was held on 20-21 May 2008 in Bled, Slovenia.

Among the main topics discussed were the 2007 Evaluation Report of CEPOL Courses, Seminars and Conferences, the Annual Report 2007 and the Analysis of CEPOL Training Activities report.

A draft Annual Activity Report was presented. A final report will be forwarded to the Governing Board on 30 May 2008 for comments. The Presidency will then propose a draft ‘Analysis and Assessment’ of the report to be adopted by the Governing Board.

The Director announced that two new staff members had started at CEPOL Secretariat: Ana Maria Porto Castro as Human Resources Assistant and Angelos Chatzikostas as ICT Assistant.

The Finance and Budget Officer post, Finance Assistant post and a Finance Assistant (Programme Unit) post were advertised on the 16 May 2008. The Director announced that the post of Accounting Officer had been filled and was expected to be taken up in mid-July following appointment in a written procedure by the Governing Board.

Implementing Rules to the Staff Regulations regarding the Staff Committee and Mission Guidelines were presented and will be submitted to the Commission for agreement.

The External Relations Policy Paper was adopted and the Protocol of Intent with Russia discussed. The Protocol of Intent is a further step to concluding a cooperation agreement with Russia.

The timetable for the Work Programme and Budget 2010 was presented and the Chair of the Governing Board stressed the need for Committees and Working Groups to adhere to the dates.

It was announced that the Work Programme 2009 will take on board two new priorities: a course on Airport Security proposed by France and an Innovation Seminar proposed by the chair of the Research and Science Working Group. The innovation seminar will be a public-private partnership to examine possibilities to solve crime using state-of-the-art technology.

The Vision on e-Learning was adopted as were the Learning Strategies in the context of CEPOL’s vision.

The Governing Board approved the appointment of:

  • Ivaylo Nikolov (Bulgaria), Jozsef Boda (Hungary), Anna Grunt (Poland) and Laura Nicut (Romania) as members and Salvatore Siena (Italy) as Deputy Chair of the External Relations Working Group;
  • Santo Mirabelli (Italy) and Elise Majander (Finland) as Deputy Chair and member of the Electronic Network Working Group respectively;
  • Maria Belén Crego Sanchez (Spain) as a member of the Working Group on Learning.

The Governing Board took note of the election of Estonia as Deputy Chair of the Annual Programme Committee and the new composition of committees from 1 July 2008 when the Presidency changes from Slovenia to France.

The composition and remit of committees will be discussed further by the Strategy Committee, following comments from Governing Board members.

The Governing Board was informed about the establishment of a ‘European Police Science and Research Bulletin’ which will be an official electronic CEPOL journal. The first issue will be published during the second half of 2008.

Other key topics discussed included:

  • The Internal Audit Service report;
  • The Commission Communication ‘European Agencies: The Way Forward’;
  • The First Quarter Activity Report.

France announced the priorities of their incoming Presidency.

The 13th Governing Board meeting will take place 25-26 September 2008 in Paris, France.



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