12th Common Curricula Coordination Working Group Meeting

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28 September 2009

The 12th Common Curricula Coordination Working Group meeting was held in Bramshill, United Kingdom, on 11 September 2009.

Most of the meeting was devoted to implementation of the Common Curricula, since three Common Curricula were adopted at the 16th Governing Board meeting: Domestic Violence I, Police Ethics and Prevention of Corruption and Europol and the 1st Annual National Common Curricula Coordinators Network meeting had just taken place.

The meeting began with discussions about the collaboration of the National Coordinators with the Module Advisers. The Module Advisers are finishing developing the Common Curricula and will be engaged in the updates and in assisting Member States during the implementation.

The outcomes of the 1st Annual National Common Curricula Coordinators Network meeting highlighted the need of a strong support for the national implementation, including:

  • Boosting the production of translation of the Common Curricula already adopted by the Governing Board;
  • Intensifying the cooperation between the Member States, the Secretariat and the Module Advisers;
  • Organising implementing workshops on the adopted Common Curricula;
  • Supporting Pilot Projects in Member States for the implementing of a Common Curricula.

The Chair of the Working Group, Antonio Martinez Calatayud, commented that: “For implementation, the cascading effect is essential, and we should always aim for that in our planning and designing of initiatives, be it courses or workshops. Once we have a clear idea of what we want to realise, then we must give it the shape that is needed by the Member States. We must also find the resources needed to support the Member States, and this means also to provide them with good quality translations, in order to bring down the language barrier”.

Evangelos Stergioulis from Greece, Module Adviser for the Common Curricula on Europol, stated: “I am optimistic despite all the obstacles that may appear in the near future. The implementation procedure will of course vary from one Member State to another, but it will be made easier wherever it will be preceded and introduced by an effective awareness strategy.”

Two Common Curricula; Domestic Violence II and Trafficking in Human Beings, will be presented to the 17th Governing Board meeting for adoption with two more, Civilian Crisis Management and Drug Trafficking, hopefully at the 18th Governing Board meeting.


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