13th Annual Programme Committee Meeting

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03 December 2009


3-4 February 2009

Bramshill, United Kingdom

Cancellations and postponements were discussed. The committee concluded that the CEPOL Secretariat should look at the offer of other agencies on the market regarding similar training activities as CEPOL’s in order to avoid overlapping and doing so increase participation.

Commenting on the statistics, an ongoing concern is the low representation in a number of countries regarding trainers and participants which could affect the European dimension in CEPOL activities.

It was agreed that ‘School Shooting’ and ‘Dismantling of Synthetic Drug Laboratories (Europol)’ will be held in 2009 and repeated in 2010. Conferences with Russia and USA will be held every year, organised by CEPOL every second year. Two courses on ‘Training of SIRENE Officers’ will be included in 2009, with two also in 2010. Nine activities will be preliminarily removed from 2010 programme, while 5 added.

Three e-learning modules on Prüm Treaty, Police English and Europol will be finalised in 2009 and implementation could start this year, continuing in 2010.

The Secretariat suggests that for 2010 the following four modules should start, changing the order of priority as follows:

  1. Schengen
  2. Cybercrime (awareness)
  3. Train the Trainer (replacing the common curriculum on the topic)
  4. Quality Standards in 13 Questions (Q13)

The Director informed the committee that all MEDA activities had been cancelled due to the conflict in Gaza. CEPOL is now considering if the project should be extended, as it is due to end in June 2010, in order to have the possibility to organise all agreed activities.

An overview was given about the CEPOL/Agis Exchange Programme and it was reported that CEPOL was waiting for a reply from the Commission regarding the possible continuation of the project in 2009-2010.

The committee dealt with requests for additions to the 2009 Annual Programme. The committee agreed to include: ‘Dismantling of Synthetic Drug Laboratories – Europol’, two courses on Training of SIRENE Officers, and two modules of the 4-Module Course in International Police Cooperation (second 2 modules to be held in 2010).

The committee was informed that CEPOL Secretariat will send out a questionnaire asking Member States to prioritise activities for 2011 during May 2009. The main questions will be: What activities do Member States wish to organise and support? What are their priorities?

The questionnaire will provide the main input for the 2011 Activity Programme. The committee discussed how feasible it is for Member States to truly determine their priorities for 2011 this early.

The Chair announced that the issues to be forwarded to the Governing Board included:

  • Draft Programme 2010
  • Information on SIRENE courses
  • Information on changes in provisions for ACTA and the plan that ACTA meets and works within the Annual Programme Committee

The 14th Annual Programme Committee Meeting will be held on 6-7 May 2009 in Helsinki, Finland.


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