13th CEPOL Governing Board Meeting Takes Place in France

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03 October 2008

The first CEPOL Governing Board meeting under the French Presidency, Chaired by Emile Perez, was held on 25-26 September 2008 in Paris.

Emile Perez opened the meeting, saying: “CEPOL is the most extraordinary training network - involving many people within each Member State, Associated country, partner agencies and the Secretariat. CEPOL has the support of all institutes responsible for police training in the Member States. This network is the most tightly knit in the field of training. It is the pivot of European and international cooperation in areas of security and police issues. It is also an illustration of the quality of work that has bought together police officers in the broadest sense of the word. The renewed intent of the French Presidency is that CEPOL is the cornerstone at European and international level in the field of training.”

Among the main financial topics discussed were the Final Accounts 2007, Half Year Results and Forecast for 2008, Court of Auditors Preliminary Observations and the Director’s Response.

Considering the Pre-estimation 2010, the Governing Board agreed the same amount as 2009 of €8.8m.

The Governing Board adopted a number of decisions, including:

  • Implementing Rules - Mission Guidelines for staff and Setting-up a Staff Committee which had been presented at the 12th Governing Board meeting and since agreed by the Commission;
  • Reimbursement Rule for Courses and Seminars which includes the payment of organisation and administrative costs and introduces the possibility to request up to ten free flight tickets per Member State for participants to CEPOL activities;
  • New Agreements for Organising Activities.

The Governing Board adopted the decision to conclude a Cooperation Agreement with Interpol, which will be sent to the Council for approval. An official signing ceremony is planned for the next Governing Board meeting.

The Annual Programme Committee Chair asked the presented: An update of the 2008 Calendar of Activities, Report on Courses and Seminars 2008 (January- August) and a Draft List of Courses and Seminars 2009.

The Training and Research Committee Chair reported on the implementation of e-Net which is now concluded, asked the Governing Board to take note of an Action Plan on e-Learning (which includes proposals of e-learning modules to be used within CEPOL and a preliminary estimation of the costs involved), adopt the proposal of a network for National Research and Science Correspondents and adopt the Administration and Workflow of e-Net (which assigns shared roles and responsibilities for the administration of CEPOL’s e-Net to the Member States and to the CEPOL Secretariat).

The Governing Board also received reports on the 2008 CEPOL/Agis Exchange Programme and on the implementation of the Euromed Police II project.

The Director reported that two staff members had left CEPOL Secretariat: Jose Carreira (Head of Administration) and Ian Dollery (Interim Financial Controller).

The recruitment procedure for a new Head of Administration was discussed and nominations were received from three Member States to partake in the selection panel.

Interviews had already taken place, or were due to take place soon, for the vacancy notices issued in May 2008 for a Finance and Budget Officer, a Finance and Budget Support Officer and a Finance Assistant.

Three other posts are currently being advertised: Programme Records Support Officer; Administrative and Common Curricula Support Officer and Procurement Support Officer.

Angelos Chatzikostas, who joined in April as ICT Assistant, and Anja Van Brabant, who joined in August as Accounting Officer, were introduced to the Governing Board members.

The 14th Governing Board meeting will take place on 11-12 December 2008 in Cannes, France.



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