13th Training and Research Committee Meeting

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28 April 2009


22-23 April 2009

Bratislava, Slovakia

The outcomes of the previous Governing Board were summarised. The outcomes of the European Dimension Report were discussed and the Working Groups were mandated to assess the recommendations made in the report for their specific areas.

Concerning the Training and Learning Activities, attention was paid to the Performance Indicators Questionnaire, the database for trainers and the system for learning how to write course objectives. A report was given on the progress of the work on the e-Learning modules.

The main issues of the Common Curricula Coordination Working Group concerned:

  • The first Annual Meeting of the Network of National Common Curricula Coordinators;
  • A proposal made by the Module Advisers to have pilot implementations for each Common Curriculum;
  • The progress made on the Trainer’s Guides/Manuals and Study Guides;
  • The restructured Common Curricula Policy Paper and the Common Curricula Organisation Structure Paper;
  • Member States need more time for the nomination of Research and Science Correspondents.

Three finalised Common Curricula including Description, Trainer’s Guide/Manual and Study Guides were presented: CC05C Europol; CC05D Police Ethics and Prevention of Corruption and CC06A Domestic Violence I. They will be presented to the Governing Board in May.

The Chair of the Research and Science Working Group reported about a mixed feedback from participants of course 71/2008 “The Use of Police Science and Research within Police Training and Education” which was due to the fact that the right target group had not been fully reached. On the other hand he reported that a very constructive meeting with the Research and Science Correspondents in Austria had taken place.

Other topics discussed were the need for replacing the Deputy Chair of the Research and Science Working Group as the current deputy will be leaving; the Research and Science Conference Report 2008; and input concerning Research and Science Activities for the Work Programme 2011.

A discussion took place on the latest proposal for the new Governance and Structure of CEPOL and the need for Permanent Expert Groups was highlighted, in particular for the Common Curricula work. A list of comments will be forwarded to the Czech Presidency.

The Training and Research Committee Members were introduced to the Document Management System (Workspace) on e-Net.

The Action Plan, to be distributed to the Training and Research Committee members, was updated for all activities.

The 14th Training and Research Committee meeting will take place on 8-9 July 2009 in Stockholm, Sweden.


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