14th Annual Programme Committee Meeting

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28 May 2009


6-7 May 2009

Helsinki, Finland

The 14th meeting of the Annual Programme Committee took place on the 6-7 May 2009 in Helsinki, Finland.

The main focus of the meeting was the 2008 Evaluation of Courses and Seminars, the 2009 and the 2010 Work Programmes.

2009 Programme

  • During the first quarter, 18 activities were implemented and one cancelled;
  • A preparatory meeting regarding activities about SIRENE took place recently in Lyon. The ENSP will host two activities in 2009 and two activities in 2010;
  • The Crime Prevention Seminar (51/2009) to be organised by Poland is cancelled;
  • The preparation of the modular course on International Police Cooperation as a joint project with six-eight colleges, has continued;
    • CEPOL Secretariat has drafted a provisional list with topics ;
    • In order to be certified within the Bologna process, contacts should be made with German Police University.

2010 Programme

  • A new topic: “Leadership: Gift or Learning Process?” is proposed to be added to the 2010 Programme, to be organised by the incoming Belgium Presidency;
  • Trafficking in Human Beings and Illegal Immigration shall be split in two separate activities: one on Trafficking in Human Beings and one on Illegal Immigration.

Questionnaire Regarding 2010 and 2011 Programme

A questionnaire will be sent to the NCPs asking for information regarding:

  • The involvement in the implementation (organiser, supporter or contributor) of the 2010 Programme; to be distributed immediately after the Governing Board meeting;
  • Priorities for the 2011 Programme


End of May -> CEPOL Secretariat will send the questionnaire regarding 2010 Programme

Beginning of June -> CEPOL Secretariat will send the questionnaire regarding the 2011 priorities

3-4 September -> The Annual Programme Committee makes its first assessment of the outcomes of the questionnaire

Mid October -> CEPOL Secretariat will send the draft 2010 Programme to the NCP’s for verification and to fill any gaps in.

4.5 November -> The Final 2010 Programme to be proposed to the December Governing Board meeting.

Evaluation 2008

The Evaluation Report 2008 was presented. A majority of the activities were evaluated with the new evaluation tools.

The main outcomes include:

  • The need to stress on sharing experience and good practice and also to clearly identify and learn from weaknesses;
  • The need for more interactive sessions;
  • The value of rating trainers individually and how the “daily evaluation” can be used flexibly.

Comments and Proposals to the 2010 Programme

Members of ACTA, attending the Committee meeting, proposed the following recommendations in relation to the 2010 Programme:

  • Better define the objectives and description of the target group;
  • Carry-out post-course evaluation use the cascading system and measure the effectiveness (post course evaluation);
  • Focus on quality more than on quantity to determine the number of activities;
  • Further reflect on the language issue (consider to organise activities in languages other than English).

Next Meetings

  • 3-4 September 2009, St Julians, Malta
  • 4-5 November 2009, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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