14th Budget and Administration Committee Meeting

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03 December 2009


21 April 2009

Bramshill, United Kingdom

The Budget and Administration Committee discussed the reduced budget proposal by the Commission and what steps could be taken to lobby for the full amount as requested by the Governing Board.

The Director announced the current recruitment status and provided information regarding the new Exchange Programme as well as on the provisional Accounts 2008.

An updated Action Plan related to the follow-up audit by the Commission’s Internal Audit Service on “Implementation of Internal Control Standards” was discussed.

The committee discussed draft decisions regarding the set-up of an Audit Panel, the multi annual Staff Policy Plan 2010 – 2012, allowances for Seconded National Experts and missions of the Director.

The committee discussed and drew conclusions regarding agreements for the implementation of CEPOL activities, the timetable for the work programme and budget 2011, the Annual Activity Report 2008, the Special Report No. 5/2008 of the European Court of Auditors and the governance and structure of the CEPOL network as far as related to the Budget and Administration Committee.

The Director and a Secretariat staff member presented their points of view regarding the recovery of costs for taxi transfers for 2007.

The next Budget and Administration Committee meeting will take place on 8 September 2009 in Solna, Sweden.


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