16th Strategy Committee Meeting

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23 September 2009


17 Septemper, 2009

Solna, Sweden

The 16th Strategy Committee was hosted by the Swedish Presidency in Solna, Sweden.

The Chair announced:

  • Communications from the Presidency would be announced via the CEPOL website;
  • The steps taken regarding the recruitment process of a new Director;
  • Details of a meeting with the Commission about various CEPOL issues that took place on 16-17 July;
  • The Director and a representative from the Swedish Presidency will attend a meeting with Europol in The Hague on 1 October 2009;
  • Information on the process relating to the Five Year External Evaluation of CEPOL;
  • Details of a procedure to have “A” agenda items (for adoption) and “B” agenda items (for discussion) that the Swedish Presidency will introduce during the 17th Governing Board meeting;
  • The need to formally establish the Troika meetings;
  • The future use of the e-Net Document Management System (DMS) for circulation of meeting documents;
  • That the Secretariat has been requested to prepare a User’s Manual and Policy Paper for the DMS.

The Director announced:

  • An update on the recruitment within the Secretariat and introduced Detlef Schroeder, the new Head of Programmes and Kate Armitage the new Head of Administration;
  • The status of the budget execution to the end of the second quarter 2009.

The Strategy Committee recommend the 17th Governing Board adopt the draft decisions:

  • Work Programme 2010;
  • Memorandum of Understanding with Eurojust and ENFSI;
  • The Establishment of an Audit Panel;
  • The Disbandment of the ACTA Working Group;
  • The Establishment of a Project Group to prepare Terms of Reference relating to the Five Year External Evaluation of CEPOL;
  • Mission Guidelines.

The Committee also discussed:

  • The impact of the Stockholm Programme on the work of CEPOL;
  • The drafting of a framework of procedures on how to develop a CEPOL strategy and the preparation of an inventory of performance indicators already in place;
  • The seat of the Secretariat and whether the United Kingdom is still the best location;
  • The reduction by €1m of the Budget 2010.


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