17th Training and Research Committee Meeting

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18 June 2010


8-9 April 2010

Vienna, Austria

During the meeting specific attention was given to the Erasmus-style Exchange Programme. In particular to lessons learnt from previous exchange programmes and improvement options. A statement on how SEPEB results can or should be considered for the planning and implementation of the “Erasmus-style Police Programme” was presented by the SEPEB chair. The Police Cooperation Working Group was successfully urged to include “police experts and training staff” amongst the programme’s target groups.

Research and Science activities:

  • SEPEB Sub-group will finalise the draft Final Report, which will go through a written procedure so that it can be presented for adoption to the GB in September,
  • Contact with the EUCPN has been initiated,
  • Police Science and Research Conference 2011 will be organised in Spain,
  • The publication of former conference contributions should be finalised within the year,
  • A proposal for the inclusion of questions regarding the use of research and science in CEPOL courses in the evaluation forms.

Training and Learning Activities:

  • The WGL proposed new members as well as an amendment of GB Decision 10/2007/GB with regard to the re-allocation of existing members
  • A suggestion to the Presidency for the inclusion of values and guiding principles in the CEPOL Strategy paper.
  • Revising the Train the Trainers curriculum and finalising the Q-13 Volume II.
  • The WGL presented a model for improving the inventory of police and educational data per country for the CEPOL website.


  • The finalised modules on Europol, Prüm Treaty and Police English Languages were presented, as well as a document on the Learning Approach and a report about the use of CEPOL’s LMS.

Common Curricula Working Group:

  • The remits were revised on the basis of a comparison between the tasks of the different stakeholders,
  • Improvement options of the Common Curriculum on Money Laundering were considered.
  • A concerted approach to the e-learning modules and the Common Curricula is recommended.

The next Training and Research Committee meeting will take place on 9-10 November 2010 in Bramshill, United Kingdom.


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