18th Annual Programme Committee Meeting

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07 May 2010


15-16 April 2010

Bramshill, United Kingdom

The main focus of the 18th Annual Programme Committee meeting was the Work Programme 2011, reduction in the 2011 budget, measures proposed for better budget management of current and future activities and a new task for the committee concerning Framework Contracts and Grant Agreements.

The evaluation report for 2009 activities and the analysis of CEPOL courses and seminars, as well as the Exchange Programme, were also discussed during the meeting.

The Spanish Presidency announced that the Police Cooperation Working Party presented the revised draft Council Decision on the new Exchange Programme to the Coreper Council for approval.

The Commission confirmed that the exchange programme will be part of CEPOL budget in 2011 with a total budget of 8,341,000 euro.

The committee discussed in depth its role in the new adopted system of Framework Contracts and Grant agreements, following the added task assigned by the Governing Board to act as an ‘evaluation committee’ for the awarding of grants. The committee agreed that all nine members will be involved to evaluate the grant applications. A set of selection criteria were identified. The committee’s planning cycle is being changed to accommodate these new tasks. All preparations need to be in place for the new system by end 2010 to be implemented from January 2011.

Postponements/cancellations are being negotiated to try and maintain a forecast for the budget. In addition, the committee agreed that a measure be put in place to have an estimate of participation prior to an activity to facilitate budget. This will enable CEPOL to make use of an approved reserve list of activities during the third trimester to counteract potential under spending.

The 2009-2010 Exchange Programme will be extended with a third exchange period between June and October this year in part to utilise the unused project funds. It is anticipated that a further 87 exchangees will take part.

The revised draft Council Decision on the new Exchange Programme, presented by the Police Cooperation Working Party to the Coreper Council, has been amended to include ‘police experts and training staff’. Once this amended Decision has entered into force, the
Council Decision 2005/681/JHA establishing CEPOL will need to be amended to include ‘students’ and ‘basic level police officers’ in its mandate.

Two e-Learning modules will be developed in 2011 – Joint Investigation Teams and the Lisbon Treaty. The e-learning module on Gender-based Violence (in connection with the Common Curriculum on domestic violence) will be developed in 2010 and implemented in 2011.

The Evaluation Report for CEPOL Courses and Seminars 2009 was presented. The results from this evaluation will be used in the activity analysis overview, a tool that has been developed to facilitate the analysis of CEPOL activities. A full overview, complete with comparable data over the past three years for all the activities in the annual programme, will be presented at the 19th Annual Programme Committee meeting.

The 19th Annual Programme Committee meeting will take place on 7-8 September 2010 in Tallinn, Estonia.


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