18th Working Group on Learning Meeting

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24 March 2010

The Chair announced that she will not reapply for a second mandate. Five applicants were nominated for a second term after a unanimous vote. A new member was selected and a proposal to constitute a reserve list was agreed, as one member will be leaving in July 2010.

The CEPOL strategy, as well as the Train the Trainers’ course, the exchange programme and Q13 volume II were discussed at length. Some amendments were proposed on the strategy paper from the Spanish Presidency. The Working group recommended that values (trust, accountability, cooperation, integrity, openness, lifelong learning) and guiding principles (competences to be added) should be defined in the paper. A letter will be sent to the presidency from the working group.

The CEPOL Train the Trainers course should be a flagship course for CEPOL: The outcomes of the evaluation of the 2nd step in 2009 led to a review. The definition of the target group was discussed, also in relation to the profile of the actual participants. Besides, the assignment of organising a learning activity in a mock environment was queried, although this is in line with the assessment of competences. The latter are described in the competency profile for trainers. The possible accreditation of a train-the-trainer course within the Bologna process was debated.

Regarding the Exchange Programme, the group agreed that a specific learning outcome for each and every exchange should be defined, that the benefits of the exchange for the EU should be examined and that a specific programme prior to the exchange should be set-up. Clear objectives should be defined; the programme should be offer driven and should neither be tailored made nor reciprocal. The group agreed that lessons should be learned from the financial processes in the Erasmus project. The Chair will forward a proposal to the Training and Research Committee to be represented in Working Group on the Exchange Programme when it is established.

The working group agreed to the Q13 volume II in principle. A written procedure with detailed comments will follow.

The template for an inventory of police and education data per country was finalised. The document has been amended taking into account the request from the Spanish Presidency to describe the recruitment process in addition to entrance requirements. The final draft will be forwarded to the Training and Research Committee.

The working group took note of the progress report on the e-learning. Three e-learning modules Police English, Prüm treaty and Europol should be available by summer 2010.

The 19th meeting of the Working Group on Learning is scheduled on 17-18 June 2010 in Templemore, Ireland.


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