22nd Governing Board Meeting Held in Belgium

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11 January 2011

The 22nd Governing Board meeting, the second one to be hosted by the Belgian Presidency, took place in Limelette, Belgium on 8 - 9 December 2010.

The main topics discussed included:

  • The CEPOL Strategy
  • The Secretariat Activity Report September – November 2010
  • Status Report of Multi-annual Plan
  • Audit of the Court of Auditors
  • Audit of the Internal Audit Service
  • Planning for 2011
  • Planning for 2012
  • CEPOL’s Five-year evaluation and report

The Governing Board adopted a number of decisions, including:

  • Meeting calendar for first half of 2011
  • New Policy Paper on External Relations
  • Composition of the Research and Science Working Group
  • The draft Common Curricula on Money Laundering, including Trainers’ and Study Guide
  • The proposal on the European Police Science and Research Bulletin
  • Amendments to the 31/2009/GB e-Net Administration

The Chair of the Governing Board announced that the cooperation agreements with Croatia and Turkey had been signed.

The Director presented:

  • Feedback from the CONT meeting that took place in Brussels on 30 November. The Parliament gave a discharge for the year 2007 to the former CEPOL Director. The Director has received an invitation for Parliamentary Committee regarding the discharge of the year 2009
  • The Secretariat Activity Report (September and November 2010)
  • The updated progress report and audited implementation of plan in line with the findings from the Internal Audit Service
  • Feedback from the Heads of Agencies meeting that took place in The Hague on 26 November 2010 and presented the draft report on implementation of the JHA Agencies Multilateral Cooperation.

The Deputy Director presented:

  • Exchange Programme 2011
  • Concept of the Preliminary Work Programme 2012
  • Summary of the proposals from the Member States and the Stakeholders for the planning 2012
  • Cybercrime – Cooperation with Europol
  • Centralisation of the booking of flights for CEPOL meetings
  • Proposal for the invitation of external participants for CEPOL activities
  • CEPOL’s Five-year evaluation progress update

The Head of Corporate Service Department presented:

  • The document on the Information Management Strategy, ICT Strategy and Communications Strategy
  • Audit by the Court of Auditors
  • Audit by the Internal Audit Service
  • General situation on the Budget 2011
  • System of Provisional Twelfth
  • Annual Work Programme 2011
  • Budget 2011
  • Improvement of the Budget Structure 2011 and 2012
  • Preliminary Budget 2012

The 23rd (extra) Governing Board meeting will take place in Bramshill, UK on 23 February 2011. The 24th Governing Board meeting will take place in Budapest, Hungary on 9 - 10 March 2011.



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