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19 December 2007

The 10th CEPOL Governing Board meeting, chaired by Carla Falua, Portuguese CEPOL Presidency, was held on 27 -28 November 2007 at the High Institute of Criminal Police and Sciences in Loures, Portugal.

It was announced that the CEPOL/Europol Cooperation Agreement had been signed in The...

19 December 2007

The recent CEPOL seminar 38/2008 Road Safety Awareness, took place in Nicosia, Cyprus on 7-10 October 2008. Organised by the Cyprus Police Academy, the seminar was supported by Portugal and Slovakia and built on the first CEPOL seminar of this kind held in France last...

08 November 2007

On the 23-25 October 2007, the incoming Chair of the CEPOL Governing Board, Nevenka Tomovic (Slovenia) and two of her team members, visited the CEPOL Secretariat at Bramshill. The aim of the visit was to increase awareness and understanding of the roles and responsibilities on both sides.




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