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CEPOL launches new video for EU-STNA 2022-2025
18 February 2021

Europeans need to feel confident that their freedom and security are protected. The EU aims to ensure that people live in an area of freedom, security and justice, without internal frontiers. Serious and organised cross-border crime, terrorism and cybercrime cause huge social and economic costs...

37 on-site CEPOL training activities will be implemented through grants in 2021
17 February 2021

CEPOL implements a vast amount of training activities, including courses, seminars and conferences, through the annual allocation of grants to Framework Partners selected via a restricted Call for Proposals published every four years.

A Call for Proposals for grant agreements for the...

CEPOL website survey 2021
03 February 2021

CEPOL’s corporate website is an important online interface for communicating with our stakeholders. It serves as a primary source of information on the Agency’s activities for law enforcement officials, Member States, EU Institutions and agencies, CEPOL partners, media and the general public....



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