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CEPOL eLesson offers valuable insights to support victims of anti-Muslim hatred
03 August 2022

Anti-Muslim hatred and Islamophobia relate to a fear, prejudice or hostility towards Muslims. This hatred motivates a wide range of hate crimes against Muslims, from online hate speech, the vandalising of property to violent physical attacks. It is also widely expressed in various forms of...

CEPOL publishes training needs analysis on digital skills and the use of new technologies
29 July 2022

CEPOL has just released the Operational Training Needs Analysis on Digital Skills and the use of New Technologies for 2023-2025, responding to the need to continue equipping law enforcement professionals with advanced digital skills to meet the requirements of digitalisation of...

TOPCOP project delivers first train-the-trainers course in Hungary
28 July 2022

CEPOL has implemented the first train-the-trainers course under the TOPCOP project. The aim of this training, which took place from 11 to 15 July 2022 at CEPOL headquarters in Budapest, was to familiarise law enforcement trainers from the Eastern Partnership region with the concepts of blended...



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