5th Common Curricula WG meeting in Veria,Greece

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11 May 2012

The 5th meeting of the Common Curricula Working Group (CCWG) was hosted on 24-26 April 2012 at the Further Education and Training Centre of Northern Greece in Veria. The Director of the Training Centre Dr Georgios Hatzivasiliadis coordinated his team in the best possible way to create perfect conditions for the three day meeting. The CCWG finalised its questionnaire on 'Integration of Common Curricula in National Training Programmes', as well as its part of work on a 'Manual on Integration of Common Curricula in National Training Programmes'. As it was the last meeting of the CCWG its members also prepared a Progress Report to be presented to the next CEPOL Governing Board.

As the work of the CCWG has now been finalised, CEPOL would like to thank the group's chair Mario Marmo (Italy), and members Rima Narkevi?ien? (Lithuania), Harrier Jakobsson Öhrn (Sweden), Irina Slabu (Romania), and Dr Georgios Hatzivasiliadis (Greece) for their work since 2010 and their enthusiastic support for the products delivered by the group itself (a Marketing strategy, a definition of Implementation and Quality standards).

CEPOL strongly relies on cooperation with the Member States and this event has underlined the strong ties between the Hellenic Police Academy and CEPOL.


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