7th CEPOL's Management Board Meeting in Tampere

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19 November 2019

7th CEPOL’s Management Board Meeting is taking place in Tampere between 19 and 20 November.

The meeting is presided by Mr Kimmo Himberg, Director of the Police University College and the Chair of CEPOL’s Management Board. The meeting takes place at the same place where the idea of CEPOL was conceived 20 years ago at the European Council special meeting. On that note, the Chair comments:

CEPOL now goes back to its roots: the decision to establish the agency was made in the EU Summit in Tampere 20 years ago. The meeting of 1999 is considered one of the most important meetings in the history of the EU. At that time, the EU member states agreed on a common European police college that will assemble all institutions offering law enforcement training in Europe

The opening speech at the meeting was given by Mr Seppo Kolehmainen, Finnish National Police Commissioner. The MB members will be deciding on CEPOL’s common future guidelines and operating policies. They will also be given an update on the STNA and capacity building projects in third countries. The Management Board will also be presented with CEPOL’s new online platform – Law Enforcement Education (LEEd), which is expected to replace the current e-net in the beginning of 2020.

The Agency currently plays an important role in law enforcement cooperation: CEPOL provides training for the police, customs, border guard and prosecution authorities of EU Member States. In 2018, a total of 29,000 persons participated in CEPOL’s training activities, including the exchange programme. This figure is estimated to raise in 2019.

The cooperation helps to combat, for example, cross-border crime. CEPOL is in key position to provide information on new methods through which we can more successfully prevent, investigate and combat crime, says Himberg.

The Management Board meeting represents one of the highlights of the Police University College’s CEPOL presidency and is an official side event of Finland’s EU presidency.

You can follow the meeting on social media with the hashtag #cepolMB.

The CEPOL Management Board is made up of representatives from EU Member States and the EU Commission. The Chair of the Management Board is a representative of one of the three Member States that have jointly prepared the Council of the European Union’s 18-month programme. The Management Board meets at least two times per year, in order to discuss current and future developments and assess the overall performance of the Agency.



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