9th Governing Board Meeting Held in Lisbon

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31 October 2007

The 9th Governing Board meeting, Chaired by Carla Falua, Portuguese CEPOL Presidency, was held on 26 -27 September 2007 at the Atlantic Pavilion, Lisbon, Portugal.

The Portuguese Minister of Justice, Mr Albert Costa, addressed the CEPOL Governing Board and outlined Portugal's priorities for the Presidency as well as stating his appreciation of the work and activities of CEPOL.

It was announced that the written procedure appointing a Chair and members of the Project Group 'Administration of Travel Reimbursement for Participants of CEPOL Activities' had been completed. Members of the group include: Chair Wolfgang Häseker (Germany), Ivica Chorvatova (Slovakia), Anna Grunt (Poland) and Fiorella Latini (Italy).

The Chair announced the positive outcome of the written procedures appointing interim Accounting Officer Cathy Basset at CEPOL Secretariat and modifying the Establishment Plan to re-grade the post.

For the first semester of 2007, an Activity Report containing information on the implementation of the Work Programme was presented. Statistics of Course Participants was presented. Further statistics will be provided by CEPOL Secretariat to allow for comparisons to previous years.

The Preliminary Work Programme 2008 was discussed with regard to the Commission's opinion. The Programme was adopted (Governing Board Decision 26/2007/GB). It will be forwarded to the Council of the European Union for approval.

An updated version of the 2008 Calendar of Courses and Seminars was presented and discussed. Subsequent amendments include a CEPOL Western Balkan Conference to be organised during the Slovenian CEPOL Presidency in the first half of 2008.

A timetable was presented for the Budget and Work Programme 2009. The budget Pre-estimation 2009 of 10.2 million euro was agreed by the Governing Board.

A report was given on the Conference on the Work Programme 2009.

The negotiation regarding the Cooperation Agreement with Europol was reported to have been finalised. The agreement is expected to be signed shortly.

The decision 'Amending the Rules for Reimbursement of Expenditure for Organising Meetings of Committees' was adopted by the Governing Board (Governing Board Decision 22/2007/GB). The decision outlines the rules regarding reimbursement of costs for members and invited guests.

The Decision 'Laying down detailed Rules for Determination, Election and Succession of Chairs and Deputy Chairs of Committees, Working Groups, Project Groups and Sub-groups' was adopted with amendments (Governing Board Decision 23/2007/GB). The decision clarifies the role of Deputy Chairs who will succeed the chairmanship.

The Governing Board authorised the Director to make amendments to 'Meeting Calendars' where necessary in exceptional circumstances (Governing Board Decision 24/2007/GB).

The Meeting Calendar for the first half of 2008, including meetings of the CEPOL Governing Board and Committees, was adopted (Governing Board Decision 25/2007.GB).

Other items of note include:

  • The status of staff recruitment for the CEPOL Secretariat and the implementation of the budget 2007, including transfers;
  • The status of the nominations for Module Advisors and Experts for the Common Curricula;
  • The status of introducing the Accrual Based Accounting System (ABAC) in the CEPOL Secretariat, including the need of two interim staff members;
  • The work on a policy for marketing CEPOL's products;
  • The status of the 2007/2008 CEPOL/Agis Exchange Programme;
  • A brief report on the status of the Euromed Police II project;
  • The status of an External Relations Policy.

The 10th CEPOL Governing Board meeting will be held in Lisbon, Portugal on Tuesday 27 and Wednesday 28 November 2007.



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