Annual Network Meeting of CEPOL National Research and Science Correspondents

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17 November 2009

Chaired by the Swedish Presidency, Research and Science Correspondents from 20 Member States met in Budapest, Hungary, on 12- 13 October for their 2009 Annual Meeting.

In his introductory remarks, Bo Åström pointed out that research issues were of paramount importance for development and sustainable results. He stated that disseminating good practice and research findings is a core task of CEPOL.

Bo Åström also mentioned that ‘research and science’ in the CEPOL framework should be seen as an investment – an investment however that is expected to pay-off in view of CEPOL’s objective to support and develop a European Approach to the main problems facing Member States in policing, and in particular, when it comes to cross-border issues.

For some Research and Science Correspondents, this was their first contact with CEPOL so the updated presentations on recent developments within CEPOL, the Research and Science activities and the e-Library were a useful introduction to the meeting’s agenda for all.

Apart from hands-on practical session to become more familiar with the functionalities of e-Net, and in particular, of the duties in regard to the operation and workflows of the scientific collections of the e-Library, there was plenty of time to exchange information and good practice born out of recent experience.

It became clear that the situation for each Research and Science Correspondents varies, not only in regard to the size of their country, but also in view of access to academic knowledge networks and the organisational support and resources they have at hand.

Other issues discussed included:

  • The general role and tasks of the Research and Science Correspondents;
  • Organisation of workflows;
  • Crucial steps in the submission process;
  • Criteria for acceptance of submissions;
  • Access for non-police officers (‘Academic user’);
  • Copyright issues;
  • Utilisation of existing library databases;
  • Tools of communication and cooperation for Research and Science Correspondents.

Time was spent to present good practices in promoting CEPOL and the e-Library, where the Belgium’s approach attracted a lot of interest. A session on how to best tackle common difficulties and problems, like copyright, concluded the practical part of the meeting.

There was a clear consent among the Research and Science Correspondents that the Annual Meeting is a very valuable instrument in supporting their tasks and duties, as well as to develop a sense of the value and high potential of CEPOL’s network.

In his concluding remarks Bo Åström underpinned this sentiment by highlighting the merits of good communication in a network inspired by professional competence and commitment.



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