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29 June 2010

Dear colleagues,

Spain is getting to end its Presidency period in CEPOL, the relay baton has already been passed to our Belgian colleagues during the hand over meeting and now it is time to say a word of thanks to all who have contributed positively to the development of this European Agency during this semester.

In spite of all the circumstances, events and contingencies, many advances have been made during our Presidency. The success of the Spanish Presidency has been built up throughout commitment, accountability, mutual...


CEPOL Handover Meeting

23 June 2010

The CEPOL Handover meeting from Spain to Belgium took place on 17 June 2010 in Madrid, Spain. It was the last meeting to take place during the Spanish Presidency which concludes on 30 June 2010.

The meeting was hosted by the Francisco Del Barrio, Chair of the Governing Board, Eduardo Borobio, CEPOL National Contact Point Spain, J.Alberto Ramirez, member of the Spanish CEPOL Presidency team. Members of the Belgian incoming CEPOL Presidency team attened, including Eddy Muylaert, Alain Ruelle and Patrick Van Parys as well as a representative of the...


Frontex and CEPOL forge stronger strategic links

21 June 2010

Today, Ilkka Laitinen, Frontex Executive Director, and Ferenc Bánfi, CEPOL Director met at CEPOL Secretariat to discuss the strategy for closer future cooperation between Frontex and CEPOL.

Both Directors agreed that any future cooperation should not only build on the arrangement signed by both agencies in June 2009, but also reflect the recent joint report written by CEPOL, Eurojust, Europol and Frontex which outlines how to improve interagency cooperation among the EU law enforcement agencies.

Initial areas of discussion...



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