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Serving the new EU Security Architecture

25 February 2011

The 15th External Relations Working Group (ERWG) meeting took place in Warsaw, Poland, on 10-11 February 2011 in the presence of the Hungarian CEPOL Presidency and CEPOL’s Director. The Chair of the ERWG had the pleasure of welcoming two newcomers from Cyprus and Croatia, among the 19 participants to the meeting.

The ERWG made concrete and substantial progress on the finalisation of CEPOL’s External Relations Policy Paper, which is meant to respond to the opportunities and challenges for the European dimension of Law Enforcement training offered by...

Coming Full Cycle - 14th Research and Science Working Group Meeting (copy 1)

25 February 2011

The 14th Research and Science Working Group meeting, which took place at Bramshill in October, was a special occasion. Coming full circle, Bramshill is the place where Dr. Janós Fehérváry chaired the first ever, and his last, Research and Science Working Group meeting. CEPOL Director, Dr. Ferenc Banfi, awarded him with a special CEPOL silver coin in recognition of his achievements as Chair of the Research and Science Working Group for more than three years. Dr. Fehérváry will continue to support CEPOL's research and science activities as member of the Training &...


Working Group on Learning to become innovative with CEPOL’s e-Net

02 February 2011

During the 21st Working Group on Learning (WGL) meeting held in Bramshill, UK, on 6-7 January 2011, the members present continued their brainstorming session on preferred futuring (see 'Working Group on Learning to design its Preferred Futuring' news item) moderated by Dr. Zsolt Molnár, the working group’s Deputy Chair. The exercise concentrated on the 6th, 7th and 8th steps of the process....




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