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30 June 2010

On 1 July 2010 Belgium starts its six month presidency of the Council of the European Union. This role also sees Belgium chair the CEPOL Governing Board and Strategy Committee. The goals and objectives that Belgium has set for the remainder of 2010 are the following:

  • The objectives of our Presidency are to ensure the visibility, the clearness and the coherence of CEPOL's actions in relation to the missions assigned to the agency in the framework of its statutes, of the European policy and in the interests of all Member States.
  • We will assume the continuity of the previous actions launched by under the Spanish Presidency while integrating specific accents.
  • The Belgian Presidency intends to focus on a return to CEPOL's core business i.e. training of senior police officers.
  • In the same framework, the Presidency intends to take an active part in the definition and the implementation of the new European police exchange programme (EPEP) which was introduced by the Spanish Presidency.
  • The accent will also be laid on the valorisation of the digital era, by promoting the use of e-Net through making an extensive use of the collaborative tools such as the Document Management System. The Belgian Presidency will continue the initiative launched under the Swedish Presidency.
  • The implementation of a 'strategic framework' aiming at implementing the CEPOL strategy is paramount. CEPOL has put Belgium in charge of implementing this process during 2010. The objective is to provide the Hungarian Presidency with a strategic frame of reference and a managerial toolbox allowing the follow-up and measure of CEPOL's core-business both on the quantitative and qualitative aspects in the perspective of an accountability and a policy of excellence towards the Commission.
  • In the frame of the Budget and Administration Committee, Belgium will make proposals and recommendations on financial and administrative matters in order to optimize this process and to support the CEPOL Director in his efforts to orient the staff on a new competency-management basis
  • Our aim is also to gain the trust of the European institutions, the Commission, the Council and the Parliament.
  • Meanwhile, stressing that CEPOL is a network, we will underline the responsibilities of each network-member as an important actor in the success story of our agency.

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