CEPOL’s Eastern policy to be adjusted?

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05 August 2010

The 13th External Relations Working Group meeting took place in Budapest, Hungary, on 8-9 July 2010. In the presence of most members of the External Relations Working Group, the Belgian Presidency, two observers and two representatives from Candidate countries Croatia and Turkey, the External Relations Working Group met for the second time in 2010.

 Four applicants were nominated for a second term after a unanimous vote: Mariana Raimundo (Portugal), Erkki Talvitie (Finland), the Chair, Emile Perez (France) and Deputy Chair, Salvatore Siena (Italy). The working group will recommend to the Strategy Committee to re-nominate these four members.

 As Joseph Boda has left as the working group member from Hungary, there is a need for a new call for applications. The next Strategy Committee will launch the procedure.

 The working group also discussed the Work Programmes 2010, 2011 and 2012, in terms of content and allocated budget. It was decided to implement one conference with North America, two conferences with Russia (one in Russia and one in EU), one or two conferences with Western Balkans, one with ENP countries (Neighbouring countries), two conferences with Candidate countries and one conference on the Eastern countries (possibly to be organised and hosted by Poland). It could be the starting point of a bigger programme: Police Eastern Partnership Programme which could be financed by the Commission and implemented within the CEPOL umbrella.

 Information was given on the successful process following the cooperation agreements with Turkey and Croatia. Formal signatures could be organised at one of the next Governing Board meetings taking place during the Belgian Presidency. With the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, the draft cooperation agreement will be presented to the Strategy Committee.

Information was provided on the similar successful progress of the revised agreements with CEPOL’s Associated countries: Iceland, Norway and Switzerland.

A number of cooperation processes with third countries were discussed:

A draft agreement has been provided by Russia and the Belgian Presidency asks the CEPOL Director to ask for legal advice from the legal service of the Council.

It was suggested to send a mission to Montenegro and Liechtenstein in order to establish contacts with relevant organisations and inform them about CEPOL before any further steps are taken.

A cooperation procedure has started with Albania following a visit by the representatives from CEPOL Secretariat. The outcomes will be discussed in the next External Relations Working Group meeting.

The working group agreed that cooperation in the field of knowledge management should be further developed and monitored with Europol.

The recommendation from the working group to the Strategy Committee is to formalise cooperation with the Fundamental Rights Agency.

The recommendation from the working group is to strengthen relations with PCC SEE Secretariat who would like to develop their training activities (harmonised programmes).

The External Relations policy paper was revised by a small group and all amendments and outcomes of the discussions will be included in a final version to be discussed at the next meeting on 2-3 November 2010 in Portugal.


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